Owners, Jillian Tito and Josh Huff

Owners, Jillian Tito and Josh Huff

Jillian graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX with a BA in Graphic Design. Jill’s love for illustration and hands on design led her to a position in one of Austin’s largest screen print shops. She developed an appreciation for the art there, and learned from some of the best (shout out MC, BD, DH). With ten years experience in apparel/ merchandise design, and the perfect partner, she knew it was the right time to start Lucky House MFG.

As a native of Massachusetts, she is excited to be part of the art scene here in Somerville; to not only continue creating for herself but for those in the community. Her hobbies include rooting for the Celtics, exploring new places with her Pentax, and annoying her cat Ming.

Find examples of her artwork at
www.nitelamb.com or
download her resume.

Josh first started working in a print shop as a way to help his band make their own merch for tour. Ten years and a couple of shops later, he’s just as interested in the art as the first time he pulled a squeegee. He is a printer who is not afraid to go the extra mile or try the jobs that others might scare away from, which (for some reason) seems to be a dying breed.

Outside of Lucky House MFG, his hobbies include going to shows, playing/watching soccer (Chelsea FC), photography, and eating Beyond Burgers.

Let's collaborate!

Check out Josh’s photography at
www.joshtylerhuff.com or 
download his resume.